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Take control of your rank on: Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo. Get noticed in the Top 10!

Is your business in a successful location?

The majority of searchers never look past page two of Google or click on “Sponsored Listings”, so being at the top of the standard search results can literally transform your business.

When your site appears in the Top 10, it’s like having a busy downtown location in a large city with constant traffic. When you appear outside the Top 20, it’s like you’re located on an empty backroad – with no traffic.

Relocate your website with our WebPro360 SEO System™

The good news is, search engine optimization (SEO) makes it possible to relocate your website. We feel the most affordable and effective SEO for your website is our WebPro360 SEO System™.

What is the WebPro360 SEO System™? How can it help?

Designed specifically for small businesses, we’ve developed our WebPro360 SEO System™ over the last 10 years to make it easy for search engines, like Google, to find your website and boost your position in their rankings:

WebPro360 Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

Our WebPro360 SEO System™ includes six specific steps toward optimization of your website for the Internet’s most popular search engines:

Step One: Keyword Selection

Selection of the best target keyword phrases is the foundation for an effective SEO project. We begin by researching your website’s industry and completing a detailed Keyword Research Report. We identify target keyword phrases we feel will be most effective for your project. Selecting the best target keyword phrases assure your project’s success, and your site’s increased traffic.

Our Keyword Research reports provide the data you need to make an informed selection:

  • Keyword Search Count
    Number of times search engine users have searched the keyword phrase. A high search count indicates a popular search. Landing in the Top-10 for a popular search will lead to many hits for your website, however landing in the Top-10 is likely to be very difficult. A popular search will almost always also have a high Competing Webpage Count.
  • Keyword Competing Webpage Count
    Number of competing webpages for the keyword phrase. A low competing webpage count will be easier to land a Top-10 rank than a high competing webpage count. However, a low webpage count usually also means a low search count. WebPro360 provides the experience and skill to balance Keyword Search Count and Keyword Competing Webpage Count for an effective SEO program.
Step Two: Competitive Analysis

Our professional analysis of the top ranked competitors for your selected phrases guides development of our SEO Project specification. In this step, we review the websites top ranked for your selected target phrases.

Step Three: Web Structure Analysis

Careful review of your website’s structure produces a list of all areas for optimization. Depending on the competitive level of your industry, and your selected phrases, we will compile a detailed strategy for Onpage and Asset Optimization for your approval. The choice to implement our suggested website changes will be entirely up to you.

Step Four: Onpage and Asset Optimization

WebPro360 will either oversee implementation, or provide implementation, of our approved Onpage and Asset Optimization strategy. Clients who opt for WebPro360’s implementation also receive discounted website programming.

Step Five: Geographic Optimization

By prominently featuring your location, as well as your service areas, on your website, we will establish a regional connection with each of your targeted phrases. This helps when a search engine user is looking for your product or service in their specific regional area. Additionally, by submitting your optimized website to search engines and directories that serve your immediate area, we will earn valuable “back links” to your website.

Step Six: Tracking and Tuning

WebPro360’s effort with your site’s search engine optimization must show increased search engine visibility. Monthly tracking and reporting of your optimized website’s Top-30 ranking on AOL, Bing, Google and Yahoo! will provide assurance your website is gaining (not losing) top ranked positions for your targeted keyword phrases.

Optional: Offpage Optimization and Link Building

The highest ranked websites often have an effective Link Building campaign. Link Building establishes external links, links from webpages outside your own website, pointed back to your website. These links often use target keyword phrases as a portion, or all, of the linking anchor text.

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