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Just read a great report for small business website owners from Kristina Knight at www.bizreport.com. Kristina introduces a half dozen actionable tips for any small business owner to improve their small business website’s performance. In many ways, it’s more critical for small business owners than large corporations to identify opportunities and squeeze every drop of potential from their websites. Kristina covered several of the most important (though not so obvious) tips, including:

  1. Doublecheck cyber-security
  2. Doublecheck customer service
  3. Know where leads begin
  4. Enable VPN wireless settings
  5. Hone in on loyalty
  6. Ensure email is responsive

Hardly an exhaustive list, but a great start nonetheless.

With small business websites, there’s always at least a dozen things to be tweaked. Success is gained not by tackling them all at once, but by working thru each tweak one at a time and carefully measuring the results. Kristina covers each tip in detail, and thus provides a great asset for small business: a better performing website for their customers. The article was just published April 4, and is definitely worth a read. You can find it here:

SMB experts offer 6 top tips to improve small business website performance


I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience once you’ve had an opportunity to compare and implement these tips on your own small business website. Of course, I hope you’ll consider WebPro360 if we can be of any assistance with your small business website’s cybersecurity, site analytics and lead tracking, loyalty rewards programs, email marketing and more. We’ve delivered web services for small business just like yours since 2003, and we’d love to become your source for all your digital marketing needs!

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